Monday, December 04, 2000

I didn´t go to school today, ´cos I felt ill. Physical, and in my soul. I actually don´t really know why. (I had just written this, and a long text, but it... yeah, disappeared. Sometimes computers make me sick :p)
I took the subway to my mum´s work, and now I´m sitting here by her computer and write on this little blog thing, that i decided to call "My white lion".
I like to surf the web the whole day. I´ve done that this day, and my mum´s talking on her phone all the time. They have just got new phones on their offices here, and I wonder why they can´t give a little money to the school, instead of have five meals to choose between in the work-resturant, and just one disgusting in the school-cafeteria.
This day, i´ve surfed the web and sometimes went to get some more hot chocolate. I think I schould do that now. Bye!